James Koskinas

Faces: fragments of noses, eyes, mouths, I’ve seen, remembered,
Rendered, a resemblance of Humanity, self portraits?
Horses, inspired by a chance meeting on a lonely desert highway.
Who is the rider? Who is the horse?
One transports, one guides.
Angels, they are of no false hope,
Built with the ferocity and beauty to fight for the world,
A warning of a commitment for life.
Ultimately all the images are telling a story, conveying both past and present.

February-March, 2015, THE Magazine, Santa Fe (article)
November, 2014, Pasatiempo, Santa Fe (article)
October, 2010 Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe NM (photo)

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Selby Fleetwood Gallery

The Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

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video releases

Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Eddie Buchbinder talks about James' work
The Twilight Angel premier at the Jean Cocteau Theater
The Twilight Angel Movie Trailer

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